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Mr. Brown aka Gavinchi is the son of two well-respected reggae veterans.  Though, he hasn’t depended on his family name to make his way through the industry and eventually produce his first album. 

Gavinchi showcased his debut EP on a recent tour in Montreal, Canada including stops at various university club nights including one at McGill University, accompanied by live band and backing vocals.  Gavinchi’s abilities enable him to interchange fluidly between vocalist and dj styles in reggae form. 

Click here for more on Gavinchi in Cali.  

Mind Control

Stephen Marley


Stephen Marley’s career spans approx. 20 years in the music business beginning as 1/4  of the reggae group Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers.  Stephen’s role in music has varied over the past decade.  He has not only furthered himself as a soloist, but also as a producer.  He’s played a supporting role in the creative development of his brothers, namely Damian, Julian and Kymani. 

Stephen’s latest full length work, Mind Control, which was previously released, has been re-issued in an all acoustic format.  The album features collaborations with Capleton, Spragga Benz and of course, younger sibling, Damian Marley. 

Mind Control (acoustic) has been cleverly recrafted with acoustic guitar, drum and percussion.  Ironically, the energy of the tracks peak just as much as the original versions, due the lyrical delivery and overall vibe.  Stephen has also been nominated for a Grammy. 

BUJU BANTON nominated for Grammy award

Buju Banton


Buju completed a successful tour across the continental U.S. this past summer in addition to releasing his latest album, Rasta got Soul.  The album has been over 5 years in the making and has spawned a few singles such as Magic City, A little bit of sorry and a collaboration with Wyclef Jean, Bedtime Story.  RGS was recently nominated for a Grammy for this year’s award ceremony. 

This is Buju’s fourth nomination.  Other artists nominated for best reggae album include Stephen and Julian Marley respectively, as well as platinum selling, dance hall artist Sean Paul. 

As you may or may not know by now, Buju Banton is being held by authorities in Florida on federal drug charges, facing up to 20 years pending conviction. 

JAH CURE on Positive Vibes

Jah Cure


This January we’ll have an exclusive interview with the one and only, Jah Cure. We’ll be speaking to him about all that has transpired in his career since his return to the recording studio and worldwide stage. 

One of his current hits include “Call on me”, which has received steady play on Positive Vibes radio show since it’s release. Be sure to check back for the update, as we’ll be uploading the audio and transcription of the interview.


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