Fender fired for 2010

Posted: January 9, 2010 in Music, entertainment, radio, reggae, roots
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With a career spanning almost a decade Chuck Fenda has decided it’s time for a transformation and has adopted a new moniker to himself.

The singer said he wants to be referred to as ‘The Living Fire’, a name he describes as being fitting for his newly transcended persona. “People always called me ‘Chucka Fenda’ or ‘Poor People Defenda’ or ‘The Living Fire’ so I decided since I’m on a musical mission to rid Jamaica and the world of negativity, wickedness, corruption and evil doers, I need a name that when people hear it, them know say a judgement when them see me a come” Fenda said.

“A nuh nothing new, but me a make it official now a it me a work wid, but if people still want to call me Chuck Fenda nothing nuh wrong wid that as long as them know say a righteousness we stand for” the artist added.

Come January 2010 the ‘Gash Dem and Light Dem’ singer will focus his attention on a two weeks tour of the United States making stops in Texas and California before returning to the island on January 28th.

Source: Prism Marketing Consultants


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