Posted: February 9, 2010 in Music, entertainment

World renown reggae artist, Miguel Orlando Collins, better known to fans as Sizzla, was arrested in late January by police from the St Andrew Central after receiving reports of gunshots being fired at a group of persons at a river in Papine, August Town, not too far from Sizzla’s residence.  Deputy Superintendent Derrick ‘Cowboy’ Knight, said that Sizzla was taken into custody after the incident.  It was reported that Sizzla was interrogated and had his hands tested for traces of gunpowder which becomes evident after discharging a firearm.

Reports show an armed man approaching and firing several shots in the direction of a group of people gathered by the river.  Apparently, no one was injured.  Further reports indicated that Sizzla was the actual shooter. Police have made it known that they are aware of  constant “friction” between various areas in the surrounding areas.

Years past, Sizzla has made headlines with his arrest for his connection to more than a dozen high-powered weapons buried underground in the Judgement Yard section of August Town.  He was released after being interrogated and held for three days after denying any knowledge of the guns.

Sizzla has performed in Montreal on at least one occasion… I remember, I was the host……hee hee hee, well, one of them.  Absolutely nothing to envy, as my name was placed on a document stating I was promoting/supporting  a ‘hateful’ artist against a “hated on” group of “anti-hate” propagayting people.  Damn, son…..and all I did was a radio interview.  Oh well…”Can’t keep a good man down” (in sizzla voice).

Source: Caribdaily


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