Posted: February 13, 2010 in Music, entertainment

ZOOLOOK, a San Francisco-based media agency, presents Dread & Alive,  a comic book series to the iPhone and iPod Touch launched around the time of Bob Marley’s birthday.  Each issue of Dread & Alive will sell for $0.99.
In issue #1 of Dread & Alive, what begins as a quiet nighttime vigil on a rooftop in the Haight-Ashbury for our dreadlocked Eco-warrior soon turns into a night of chaos. Drew McIntosh encounters the infamous, Gryphon the Hunter, a ruthless poacher who profits from the illegal animal trade. It’s inevitable: Drew and Gryphon are set to clash in the ultimate showdown between hunter and prey. But more danger awaits our hero. The evil shape-changer, ShadowCatcher has returned, more obsessed than ever with obtaining the sacred amulet held by Drew.
The company will donate 30% from all digital sales to HELP JAMAICA, a non-profit that stands for Help Establish Library Projects in Jamaica!
Help Jamaica raises funds to support library projects in Jamaica, e.g. Trenchtown Reading Centre as well as other initiatives like library and education programms in challenged Jamaican communities.  Help Jamaica aims to provide free access to books and computers for youth to help learn and establish proper reading and basic computer skills.
Personally, I’m not sure where all this is going, but let’s see what happens.  Take a look   ZOOLOOK

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