Playlist: September 9 2010

Posted: September 9, 2010 in blog of the day, charts, dancehall, Music, entertainment, playlist, radio, reggae, roots

This week:

In the month-long series of featuring “analog tape only” media on Positive Vibes, Montreal’s, now defunct, Virgo (High Power) featuring Super Dave, Johnny Black, Barry G (Mello G) and Byron performing live on the set over B side instrumentals was the theme. Big ups to Montreal’s NDG and Walkley community crews. Super Dave displayed his lyrical versatility as Johnny Black & Barry G followed in similar fashion. This dance took place in Montreal September 17th, 1988.

In other news, Buju Banton’s new album “Before the Dawn” is available for pre-order on iTunes. Sixth in a series of full length albums from Buju Banton, “Before the Dawn” features 10 solid tracks for roots & culture lovers. Buju, from behind bars, collaborated with his home label, Gargamel Music, on the track selections, track arrangements, edits, mix downs and design of his latest release.

Next week…. Prymtym’s birthday bash live from Cote des Neige in Montreal and more of the original Roots Rock Reggae program from 1993.

Big up to J. E. Bunns, original party rocker from back in the day.


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