Playlist: 9-23-2010 Katarock vs Downbeat

Posted: September 16, 2010 in blog of the day, charts, dancehall, Music, entertainment, playlist, radio, reggae

In the month-long series of featuring “analog tape only” media on Positive Vibes…

Tony Screw (center), Down Beat sound system

Listeners were taken back through time to Sandy Park located within the lower eastern parish of St. Andrews in Jamaica, West Indies.

Katarock and Downbeat the Ruler faced off with a non stop exchange of rare dub plates exclusives.  The event paired selectors from two different generations on common ground of love for the music and respect for the foundation of the genre.

Down Beat originally began in the 1950’s as Sir Coxone Dodd’s home base sound system to play new records he acquired while away on work in America.  As Dodd became more involved in the production of reggae music in Jamaica Downbeat sound system became his vehicle for promoting his catalog.  Thus, Tony Screw possess a lion share of Dodd’s Studio One label tunes.

Tony Screw and The Downbeat sound, presently based in New York, is renown internationally for his unparalleled dub mixes featuring cuts with original artists from as early as the 60’s.

Katarock speakers

Katarock, a sound system originating from the U.S. in the earlier part of the 2000’s, rose to prominence quickly with the seasoned selector Quincy Jones at the helm.  Quincy Jones, formerly of Road Star international, transferred to Katarock sound as the lead selector of the group.  Quincy, accompanied by Jugsy Killer, stood ground against the veteran Tony Screw with their own special brand of dub plate originals.  Quincy and Jugsy proved that age is irrelevant as love, respect and knowledge of the music is all one requires to go the distance in a vintage clash.

The event became more intense during the “one for one” section of the sound clash with each selector responding back to the other with more obscure artistes and rhythm tracks per round.  The

Quincy Jones

event was profanity free and proved to be a musical showdown between two major league disc jocks.


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